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Nekima Levy Armstrong



January 14, 2021

MPD Officers involved in second shooting within the last two weeks

Local civil rights group demands all body-worn and squad car footage be released immediately

Minneapolis, MN – We are deeply concerned to learn about the shooting of yet another person by Minneapolis police officers earlier today. This time it happened on the corner of Logan and Lowry in North Minneapolis. An eye-witness account describes counting 68 shell casings after shots were fired at the victim’s car. With the volume of shots fired, it is surprising that the victim only suffered non-life threatening injuries. Racial Justice Network is calling on Mayor Frey and Chief Arradondo to immediately release all unedited officer body-worn camera and squad car footage related to this incident.

Recent events have highlighted that law enforcement can use restraint even while facing armed white individuals threatening them. In many such instances, white people are viewed by law enforcement as human beings who may be making bad choices; as opposed to threats needing to be controlled.

According to a spokesperson from the Minneapolis Police Department, the person who was apprehended did not immediately shoot upon being stopped; the individual allegedly fired a shot once police were smashing their car window to extract them. After a significant number of shots were fired, additional officers arrived and then used “non-lethal” force. It is unclear what, if any, de-escalation techniques were used prior to a barrage of gunfire by police, which could have endangered more residents. Body-worn camera footage should be released to show the public further details of this encounter.

The most recent police shooting occurred just two weeks ago, resulting in a loss of life. In that case, Chief Arradondo authorized the release of body camera footage within 24 hours to the public.

“We demand that all unedited body-worn and squad car footage from the police shooting today, be released immediately to the public. We have seen too many instances in which MPD has used early statements to the media to prejudice the public about the victim of a police shooting,” said Nekima Levy Armstrong, civil rights attorney and founder of the Racial Justice Network.

“Unfortunately, the Minneapolis police have fostered an atmosphere of terror against Black bodies. If you are a person of color who is being apprehended by Minneapolis police, given their history of violence, it is easy to feel that your life is in danger and a person may react with that in mind. Based on early reports, the individual in this case was no longer within the vicinity of the 911 caller; implying any perception of an immediate threat to that caller was diminished. This should have provided time to deescalate the situation for the safety of all,” said Kimberly Milliard, member of the Racial Justice Network.

Our community is still grieving the murders of many lives stolen by MPD and surrounding police departments. Too often, residents of Minneapolis have watched members of the MPD incite violence against their neighbors, family members, and friends. The trauma associated with these experiences runs deep within our city, and events like today’s police shooting require immediate transparency and accurate communication from MPD, as well as public oversight to ensure proper protocols were followed, including de-escalation.

The Racial Justice Network (RJN) is a multi-racial, grassroots organization, committed to fighting for racial justice and building bridges across racial, social, and economic lines.